Pool Management ERP

Business Challenge:

Pool Management comprises of number of tasks and keeping a track of each task can sometimes baffle you completely. Digiclarity was told about Hydroware’s intention of building an all-in-one solution to take care of their daily grind. They proposed Digiclarity to develop software with comprehensive set of features including chemical logging, lifeguard schedules and pool technician’s status. They desired to have a platform which is responsive on every device and at the same time has terrific look & feel. Additionally, Digiclarity had to come up with solutions for few other domains i.e. Risk Management, Health & Safety and Incidents etc.


Hydroware was a challenging project that required utmost patience together with meticulous research. Pool management being a manifold business, Digiclarity had to dig deeper to bring out a solution that does justice to requirement. Health, safety, risk management, and technical domain were broken down and focused separately. Digiclarity worked vigorously in providing innovative solutions to empower the client. Web and App development being our forte; we delivered the best of our skills through equitable implementation and strict testing.


Our conductive approach was able to deliver a product that met client’s requirements. Digiclarity developed a fully fledged website which was responsive to work across different devices. It had terrific modules designed to keep track of different faculties including pool activities, Water quality, Technician information etc sorted on the basis of location. It also had a search feature to act as a specific filter. The dashboard showed windows for daily log, activity calendar, accident, incidents, rotation information and a video footage of the pool activities. User just had to login with the account details and he could create, sort and manage all the pool activities through a systematically build platform. Hydroware was completely satisfied with the design and working of the software which was simple yet impactful.

Business benefits:

  • Each record could be easily and securely managed.
  • The data could be filtered to show the pool technician and managers assigned to that location.
  • The Pool manager will be able to add attendees to the training program conveniently.
  • Calendar view helps to schedule training.
  • Video sample brought better clarity about the happenings around the pool.