Case Study Advanced Logging

A Case Study in Connectivity Issues

How Digiclarity developed a custom CCP and enabled advanced logging to overcome critical call-center issues within a leading Asset Management and Personal Investment company.

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Facing Audio Issues in Colorado,a Global Asset Management and Personal Investment firm engages Digiclarity

With so many asset management firms for consumers and businesses to choose from, customer experience can be a vital competitive advantage. A leading Asset Management and Personal Investment company sought the kind of improved experience that Amazon Connect’s advanced functionality could provide, but was hesitant to roll out such a new call-center platform all at once.

However, numerous problems within its Colorado network became a chief concern for executives in 2018. Poor quality and missed calls were negatively impacting the customer experience. At the same time, their call-center employees were becoming increasingly frustrated with the software. This required an immediate solution for CCP connectivity in only a matter of months to meet a February 2019 deployment date.

To troubleshoot these critical issues, they turned to premium call-center software developer Digiclarity. At that time, our team already had strong success implementing Amazon Connect solutions for enterprise-level businesses. This included building agent and system logging into a custom CCP for another client. Our task was to pinpoint the source of the communication issues and fully resolve them within the company’s impending deadline.


Digiclarity Leverages Extensive CCP Expertise to Track Event Streams API

Their network environment was unique in that its CCP was embedded into an older, custom CRM. Its age made it difficult to determine whether or not this custom integration was the underlying root of Colorado’s issues.

Fortunately, we had significant experience with CCP Streams API. Partnering with their senior telecom engineers, we developed several monitoring events inside the CCP. This allowed us to capture API button clicks and return responses to track communication breakdowns. Their engineers could also host the CCP internally, which enabled further isolation and troubleshooting.

We discovered that local agents reported fewer problems when the CCP was hosted internally. This led us to believe that the issues stemmed from the custom, locally-hosted CRM and the internet-hosted CCP.


Digiclarity Introduces a Custom CCP with Advanced Logging

The goal would be to host our embedded CCP internally while also capturing agent behavior logs. We therefore developed a local environment to host the custom CCP and capture logs to an EC2 instance. This provided several benefits:

Using this custom CCP, they could create a user experience similar to that offered by the previous embedded phone panel. Call-center agents enjoyed all the benefits of Amazon Connect without the hassle of an unfamiliar system.

The custom application had caused problems when loading CCP assets externally. An internally-hosted platform removed these issues and strengthened the network.

All agent data was logged to an EC2 host for querying. This allowed users to track agent activity at the time an issue occurred.

We sent members of our team to their Colorado office to meet and interview local agents, create a pilot, and monitor usage as part of our quality assurance. After only a week, we confirmed that all previously-reported connectivity issues had been resolved.


Digicalrity Offers Long-Term Call Center Peace of Mind

Our custom solution instilled in their leadership the confidence they needed to proceed with the February rollout. It also provided an easy transition from the prior platform thanks to agent familiarity with the layout of our custom CCP. This software then laid the groundwork for our full Mean Opinion Score (MOS) troubleshooting tool.

They continue to use the new custom platform and plan to improve the overall experience even further by introducing additional advanced features.

Case Study at a Glance
  • Client One of the world's preeminent global asset management firms with over $1 trillion in assets in 49 different countries.

  • Timeline 3 Months

  • Challenge Identify and resolve their CCP connectivity issues in their Colorado office.

  • Solution Custom CCP with advanced logging.

  • AWS Services Amazon Connect,
    CCP + Streams API

  • Results Reduction in dropped/missed calls.
    Improved agent satisfaction with familiar phone panel.
    New phone-panel features.

Certified AWS Partner

Certified AWS Partner