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As one of Amazon Connect’s most innovative add-on applications, Fusion has become the go-to platform for scaling call centers quickly, widely, and cost-effectively.

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Amazon Connect has redefined cloud-based customer service. While it’s an outstanding solution for most companies, customizing call flows requires manually populating information unique to each call center. This places responsibility back on IT, doesn’t empower your people, and requires a heavy investment of time and money. Not anymore. Fusion provides a simple way to configure multiple call centers and department settings regardless of size or scale. Quite simply, it makes Amazon Connect even better for your business.
Simple Setup

Simple Setup

Just because a routing platform is advanced doesn’t mean it should be complicated. Fusion lets your team get up and running without the need for complex setup:

  • Easily define an intent match from your DTMF or Lex Bot
  • Specify additional information about your phone numbers
  • Define queue-specific settings such as whispers, prompts, and music
  • Allocate various percentages to multiple queues
  • Create your own SSML prompts with Amazon Polly integration

Advanced Routing

Fusion uses a generic set of call flows for every contact center. When it ties into your database’s back end, data is automatically adjusted from that single flow to match each call center’s specifications. That means no more special flows for your individual markets for things like holiday tables, which can now be created easily by users to relay calls to the right places at the right times.

Advanced Routing


Access Files Easily

Access Files Easily

Across-the-Board Savings

Migrating call centers to a new platform is a major undertaking. We’ve deliberately built our software to not only minimize disruption, but to help you control costs. Fusion doesn’t require external telecom or IT support, saving you valuable time and money. This is a boon to businesses looking to either scale up significantly or just enjoy more configurable options than those offered by Amazon Connect out of the box.

Case Study Hospitality brand Global Call-Center Migration

How Fusion was born out of necessity for one of the world’s largest hospitality brands.

One of the top Hospitality brand found itself facing a series of telephony issues requiring mass migration of its global call centers, it relied on our successful software partnership to get the job done. We were tasked with updating its older system and transitioning its worldwide agent base to a far more efficient platform as quickly as possible

They need for a change in direction coincided with AWS’s release of Amazon Connect. We immediately identified this as an ideal solution and took the first steps toward migration using a pilot program with the company’s Owners Desk. The program was by all accounts a major success, prompting Hospitality brand to approve conversion of thousands of call-center desks worldwide

Given the exponential leap in migration size, this required a brand-new tool since existing technology would make the process too cumbersome and time-consuming. Our custom software solution, Hospitality brand, extended Amazon Connect’s capabilities and facilitated rapid development through next-gen features:

  • Advanced routing rules, which could be injected into Amazon Connect at any time
  • Amazon Connect Sync, allowing for large customization of object metadata
  • Special handling rules, configurable at any level to block fraudulent calls
  • Dynamic transfer of data back to Amazon Connect through customizable configuration
  • Click-to-call functionality allowing users to enable/disable callback functions
  • Greater prompt customization for crafting speech closely resembling real audio
  • Granular security allowing access for non-technical users and flexibility for power users

Hospitality brand effectively rewrote the playbook for scaling up Amazon Connect call-center systems to the cloud. The results exceeded Hospitality brand’s expectations, leading us to use Hospitality brand as the foundation for what would become one of Amazon Connect’s most innovative advanced-routing platforms: Fusion


Call-center agents speaking 13 languages migrated.


Inbound phone lines transitioned worldwide

12 months

Cutting the typical 2-year timeline in half.


Annual cost savings via streamlined resources.

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