Agent Performance Tracker

Business Challenge:

Conducting a survey is troublesome and keeping a record of each individual who participated in that survey is even tougher. Hilton shared the same issue with Digiclarity and expected them to deliver a product which could be a helping hand to their call center associates to analyze those survey responses and take action upon them accordingly. The application must provide various features that get enabled or disabled as per the user who has logged in the application. Admin level user must be able to view the survey report and the report must also be availed by agent, by team, by desk and by Location.


We along with our Expert team of developers and analyst conducted a feasible study and deployed it in the production of multiple solutions with pros and cons presented for each option. We made sure that the solution which was opted aligns properly with the requirement. We worked on each factor minutely and designed an application for managing the written as well as audio content which could be heard while making a survey report. Digiclarity also made sure to add an option to download the report to excel for further use.


Digiclarity presented the best through their knowledge and skills. They developed an application for Hilton Voc that could be used by call center associates to analyze the survey responses. It allowed managers to review the survey and act upon it if required. User can come to review the different questions, their survey type and see the different guest rating. The report can be grouped by different headers allowing the users to generate a meaningful summary. Apart from these perks, the user will also have the option of an advanced filter, downloading report to excel and to even delete the survey if needed.

Business benefits:

  • Managers were able to review the surveys and act upon it if required.
  • Admin level users could have a look at the report of a team, desk or even for a selected employee.
  • Survey score and guest rating could be equated.
  • FCR report shows the guest ratings availed by the agent.
  • The survey report could be downloaded to excel for further use.
  • The results could be filtered using advanced filter options provided in the application.
  • The user will be allowed listen to the audio and will have the option to enter their comments against an audio.