Project Info:

Nogles Reporting Tool is a creation of Digiclarity that keeps record of Sales details along with Sales reports of the organization. The well managed dashboard represents Total Sales in two effective ways i.e. By Column Chart and By Pie Chart. The depiction allows the user to conveniently understand and compare the status of the business during different time periods, allowing the user to make a prudent decision. The reports are color coded, thus making it easy to understand. The other sections represent the Sales. Firstly, as per the ‘Region’-To help user know the region where sales are blooming, Secondly, as per ‘Salesperson’- To know top 10 sales done by different sales person during different period and lastly, as per ‘Total customers by Sales Person’- To show top numbers sales person who has got most number of customers. The Report Section deals with Sales report, sales person analysis, sales analysis and mapping.

In nutshell, Nogles Reporting tool is a complete solution for an organisation to keep a track on its sales and people responsible for it. This way they could also strategize on how to manage sales to increase their return on investment.

The client was completely satisfied by the end result and also appreciated Digiclarity for the hard work they put in to create an innovative solution to handle the sales and analysis domain perfectly.