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Business Challenge:

Guardian was aspired to set a benchmark for mortgage servicing companies by offering the right home loans and exceptional customer service to its clients. The reason they approached Digiclarity was to have a modern site based on open standards where the borrowers could come and have a first class experience with their mortgage servicing provider. Also, they wanted a fully-bloomed dashboard where they could perform different tasks such as tracking of loan payments, making or receiving third party payments and checking the status of various clients.


Digiclarity came up with a three-tier approach to fight the business challenges of Guardian. They began with research and analysis for better understanding; moved on to implementation of suitable solutions and lastly, conducted a final examination to make sure there is absolutely no scope of risks or errors. We comprehended Guardian’s working model and aligned the work to their mission of being best-in-class mortgage company with high quality, transparent and predictable customer experience.


Digiclarity delivered a website which differentiated Guardian from other mortgage agencies. The client could present itself in an exceptional way with a smooth working website that had the ability to handle diverse activities at the same time. The third-party payments were also safeguarded through proper functionalities. In nutshell, the mortgage process became less daunting and the client was satisfied by the end product.

Business benefits:

  • Track all payments made and/or received.
  • Accurate calculation of mortgage payment.
  • Customers can gain insight into the approval process.
  • Risk management
  • Dashboard which gave an overview of the complete features of the application.