Business Challenge:

Waste management involves a lot of paper work and strict timelines along with laws that needs to be followed and tracked on a regular basis. All these tasks can get daunting and are difficult to manage without a system that can quickly and easily show all the required information and access the right data whenever required, from a central point. Ingenium approached Digiclarity to develop a system that can maintain all these records without any error.


To find the best answer for the client Ingenium, Digiclarity kept in mind factors like Risk, cost-benefit, compliance regulations, internal facility guidelines, goals and budgetary constraints. We along with our Expert team of developers and analyst conducted a background research to understand different areas of business in order to rectify the errors and abolish all the risks. Further, they listed possible ways to work on the requirement. Finally, they proposed a digital solution that could not only make the day to day processing easier but would also improve the workforce efficiency, cut down cost, increase visibility throughout the operation cycle and would eventually result in improved ROI.


The resulting solution is a Web portal where the Clients or companies can login, see and manage all the activities related to waste management. Ingenium was chuffed with the new portal that was a game changer for their business. They could now manage each domain effortless in an exceptional way.

Business benefits:

  • You get graphic categorization of your waste by recorded treatments over time with just a click.
  • Enhanced Insight i.e. easy filtration of data, added nicknames to avoid confusions.
  • You can apply service requests within no time conveniently.
  • Proper categorization of each field.